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The Hauntress animatronic in a haunted, dark forest

9 Cheap Halloween Animatronics That Will Creep Out Everyone [2024]

Don’t spend an arm and leg…buy them instead.

Halloween animatronics are fun decorations because they bring a spooky and interactive element to the chilling ambiance you’re trying to create.

But animated Halloween decorations often don’t come cheap. Some of the creepiest halloween animatronics can set you back over $200 for a single item. Today’s Halloween animatronics often feature lifelike movements, sounds, and sometimes even lights or special effects. When added as decorations, they create a sense of realism and immersion that adds excitement to your gathering.

Not to worry — we’ve found some of the best cheap Halloween animatronics (less than $150) around that will still give you the surprise and startle factor you want without breaking your budget.

NOTE: Remember to check the availability and prices of these animatronics on the respective retailers’ websites or visit their physical stores. Prices and availability may vary depending on your location and the time of year.

Motion-activated jumping spiders party decorations with chittering sounds and bright eyes

Jumping spider animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $49.99

Arachnophobes beware! These motion-activated jumping spiders are sure to make your guests jump as well. Complete with chittering sounds and bright eyes, these party decorations will weave a web of horror for all ages. Try adding a lot of spiderwebs to obscure the spider’s motion for maximum scares. Comes in black, red and black, and brown versions.

Roaming antique doll animatronic with LED blue eyes and chilling voice

Roaming antique doll animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $89.99

Certain things are just flat-out creepy, and old antique dolls fit the category (sorry, doll collectors!) This new animatronic friend stands at a petite 3 feet tall but demands your guest’s attention with her bright LED blue eyes and chilling childlike voice. Even more unsettling — the roaming antique doll moves about your home on her own, seeking the love and adoration she received long ago.

Scary Harry clown animatronic with LED red eyes and flaming hair

Scary Harry, the killer clown animatronic

Walmart | $64.99

Move over Pennywise: It’s scary Harry to reawaken your old childhood trauma. With his light-up LED red eyes and flaming hair to match, this life-size killer clown prop moves his head and poseable arms, ready to terrify all who dare tread past him. This simple animated prop is battery-powered and stands over 5 feet tall.

6 ft animated LED man-eating plant covered with leaves with glowing eyes and macabre movements

Man-eating plant animatronic

Home Depot | $129.99

Not feeling the traditional zombies and clowns? Grab some plants and create your own little shop of horrors with this looming 6-foot-tall man-eating plant animatronic. With its piercing eyes, swaying stalk, and booming voice, this carnivorous sprout is one of the best Halloween decorations to startle your friends and family into dropping their candy.

Hauntress animatronic with ghostly visage and pop-up scare mechanism

The Hauntress animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $129.99

Meet the jumpscare queen: The Hauntress. Instead of menacing LED-lit eyes, the Hauntress opts to scare guests with soulless charcoal eyes, gaping mouth, and quick popping motion to petrify those foolish to cross her path. A little more expensive than the other Halloween props on this list, this reaper is a worthy investment for those who want to get the most bang for their buck as she’s both motion sensor and step pad activated.

Ethel the dream demon animatronic crawling ghoul prop with light-up eyes

Ethel, the dream demon animatronic

Home Depot | $59.99

Did you ever think you saw something scurrying across the floor out of the corner of your eye…or were you just seeing things? Maybe it was Ethel, a crawling demonic ghoul. With her long skeletal fingers, light-up eyes, and expressionless face, this animatronic prop crawls across the floor, moaning as she searches for innocent souls to unnerve.

Black raven animatronic with glowing red eyes and cawing sounds

Black raven animatronic

Halloween Express | $49.99

Sometimes you don’t need a big splashy animatronic to scare the stuffing out of guests; you might just want to set a mood with a few tombstones or jack-o-lanterns. This small 13” raven might be the right touch to your haunted scene, tabletop, or general spooky home decor. Battery-operated by just three AA batteries, this raven turns its head from side to side while staring at visitors with red glowing eyes, emitting caws and moaning wind sounds.

Possessed animatronic dog Halloween decoration with glowing LED eyes and rabid snarls

Man’s possessed friend animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $129.99

It’s said that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners — however, they never met Bubba, a not-so-nice pup. He’ll manipulate your guests’ emotions with some crying, but once they get close, he attacks, craving fresh meat! This animatronic decoration’s glowing LED eyes and rabid snarls are enough to make any trick-or-treaters jump — especially when paired with a fog machine.

Bump 'N Go Chucky animatronic with eerie movements and movie phrases

Bump ‘N Go Chucky animatronic

Spencer’s | $119.99

For multiple generations, the seemingly innocent phrase, “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” struck fear in children’s and adults’ hearts and minds. Bring home your own Good Guy and watch as he makes his way from room to room, uttering frightening movie phrases and making creepy motions. You may not want to put him away after Halloween and enjoy scaring visitors all year round!

Cheap Halloween animatronics are eye-catching decorations that stand out from traditional static props without spending a fortune. Just position these animated Halloween props in various places — such as doorways, front yards, or dim corners and instantly transform your space into a haunted scene. 

Kim Mercado

Kim Mercado

Kim Mercado is writer and all-around pop culture addict. An enthusiastic hostess and event planner, she loves throwing a fun soiree, whether it’s creating delicious treats or dreaming up an elaborate theme. Between a love of all things Halloween, cooking, baking, arts and crafts and more, she’s living the spooky-good life one project at a time.

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