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a boy wearing a Halloween costume with sword and shield

Best Halloween Costumes for Boys [2023]

Are you and your little ones excited about the upcoming Halloween season? As we approach that magical time of the year when imagination knows no bounds, it’s the perfect moment to start planning for the most epic and memorable costumes for boys. Whether your son dreams of interstellar adventures, heroic quests, or embodying their favorite characters, we’ve got you covered with an enchanting selection of costumes that will bring their wildest fantasies to life.

fantasy character Link from Tears of the Kingdom Zelda video game wearing green and yellow with a sword and shield

Link from The Legend of Zelda 

Spirit Halloween | $39.99

With the release of Tears of the Kingdom, 2023 has been a big year for this iconic video game hero. Let your little adventure unleash their imagination with the Link Costume Deluxe from The Legend of Zelda. From the signature green tunic to belt, hat, and boot covers. Hyrule will never be the same!

a boy dressed up as an astronaut for halloween holding a helmet

Kids Astronaut Costume 

Spirit Halloween | $79.99

3…2…1…Blast Off!  Interstellar adventure awaits with this Kids Astronaut Costume from Spirit Halloween. This professional STEM-centric get up includes; astronaut jumpsuit, gloves, boot covers, and a realistic helmet included. Whether you are headed to Mars or the Halloween party next door, your little space explorer will be the star. of the Halloween party in this complete astronaut ensemble.

boy bounty hunter costume from the movie The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian / Baby Yoda

Spirit Halloween | $39.99

Jump into the fray, fight the Imperial Forces, and save The Child! The Officially licensed kids Bounty Hunter Costume is here. Featuring a padded jumpsuit that resembles real armor, a bandolier, a cape, a belt, and a bounty hunter mask. Your kids will be ready to protect Mandalore embracing the spirit of adventure and the hunt for their next bounty.

Light-Up Fortnite Party Trooper Costume

Spirit Halloween | $59.99

Light up the night and become the life of the party with this officially licensed Light-Up Fortnite Party Trooper Costume. Custom neon ensemble includes a light-up one-piece suit, a mask with a striking neon skeleton design, and a matching bandana accessory that lets your child live the game. They’ll turn heads when they suit up and roll out IRL with their gaming crew.

Kids Foxy Costume – Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

Spirit Halloween | $29.99

Five Nights at Freddy’s  might give parents a scare, but kids in the know will absolutely love it. This creepy Kids Foxy Costume inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s includes everything needed to bring the terrifying Foxy character to life, including a hook. Fans of the game will rejoice and whether you are familiar with the franchise or not this costume will make a big impression at any Halloween gathering.

Kids Red Baymax Inflatable Costume – Big Hero 6

Spirit Halloween | $59.99

Save the world in this amazing Red Baymax Inflatable Costume inspired by the movie Big Hero 6. This inflatable Baymax suit comes with a fan and battery pack for easy inflation. Transform your little one into the lovable  gigantic robotic hero and embark on a heroic adventure to tick or treat. Heads will turn to get a look at this fun and bold costume.

Kids Hazmat Hazard Zombie Costume

Spirit Halloween | $39.99

It’s Zombie season with this altogether creepy Hazmat Hazard Zombie Costume. Costume set includes a yellow jumpsuit featuring Hazmat graphics and fake toxic waste, perfectly complemented by a matching hood, creepy mask, gloves, and a mesh printed sleeve suggesting a gruesome chemical burn. Younger kids might find it scary.

Kids Black Panther – Marvel Costume Deluxe 

Spirit Halloween | $34.99

Superhero costumes are always in with the kids these This year your child will become the Black Panther, saving Wakanda and the MCU with this officially licensed Kids Black Panther Costume Deluxe. Padded jumpsuit and mask included. They’ll want to show off their stealth abilities as they transform into an authentic superhero in no time. Join the fight for justice and honor this Halloween.

Kids Pizza Slice Costume 

Spirit Halloween | $26.99

Get some Zah with this hilarious Kids Pizza Slice Costume. It’s all kid’s favorite food they’ll be the life of the party. This Halloween make sure no one gets stuck with the munchies. With its attention to detail and comfortable fit, this costume is perfect kids of all ages.

Kids Green Alien Skin Suit Costume

Spirit Halloween | $29.99

Is there anything more striking that a skin suit? Yes, and inflatable skin suit. Hard to say exactly why this green-man alien costume suit is so exciting! But these out of this world costumes never fail to turn heads.

This Halloween, let your kids’ imaginations soar and unleash their inner heroes and adventurers with these incredible boy costumes. Whether they choose to fight off Imperial Forces in a galaxy far, far away or take on spooky zombies in a hazmat suit, these costumes will undoubtedly make your little ones the stars of the Halloween party.

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a Halloween enthusiast and a true master of all things spooky. She spent two years honing her expertise as a sales retail associate at Spirit Halloween. Beyond her professional experience, Crystal's true passion lies in creating arts and crafts, particularly on her trusty Cricut machine. She finds joy in creating intricate Halloween decorations and costumes, showcasing her creativity and love for the holiday.

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