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Jack Skellington inflatable leaning on a tombstone with a jack-o-lantern for Halloween

12 Halloween Inflatables Under $100

Get ready to spookify your space without breaking the bank! In this guide, we’re unveiling the best Halloween inflatables that won’t leave a dent in your wallet. From eerie skeletons to enchanting ghosts, these affordable gems are here to elevate your Halloween decor game. Let’s dive into our curated list of 12 Halloween inflatables under $100 that will help you conjure up a hauntingly good time!

skeleton inflatable yard decoration with red eyes popping out of a wooden coffin that is chained up

Skeleton in Coffin

Spirit Halloween | $59.99

Add to your your Halloween inflatables collection with the 5.7 Ft Light-Up Coffin Inflatable Decoration. This captivating piece features a red-eyed skeleton struggling to escape its chained wooden coffin, creating a spine-chilling spectacle that’s perfect for various Halloween setups. Whether you’re aiming for a graveyard scene, a haunted mansion ambiance, or even a spooky laboratory theme, this inflatable adds a touch of eerie authenticity. You can even catch glimpses of his bony body through the holes he’s punched out!

ghost with outstretched arms and angry face inflatable blow-up halloween decoration

LED Ghost Inflatable

Spirit Halloween | $49.99

Ignite Halloween intrigue with the 8 Ft Illuminated Ghost Inflatable! This eerie enigma features a blue-tinged ghost with outstretched arms, adorned with ethereal fringes that sway in the night. Its chilling expression intensifies the scare factor. Unleash this otherworldly spectacle in your yard and let it enchant your guests. Reviews speak of its durability and unexpected height. Embrace the supernatural and welcome a realm of spine-tingling magic to your Halloween haven!

happy ghosts adorning a black inflatable square doorway

Archway Blow up Inflatable

Wayfair | $99.99

Create a fun entrance to your Halloween wonderland with the Archway Blow-Up Inflatable! This bewitching masterpiece boasts fluttering curtains, ghostly decorations, and mesmerizing LED lights that beckon visitors into a world of spooky enchantment. Crafted for self-inflation and stability, it’s a perfect addition to your haunted house setup, turning your entry into a gateway of thrills. Rain-resistant and crafted from durable polyester, it promises lasting charm year after year.

a vampire halloween inflatables with a red cape

Archway Blow up Inflatable

Amazon | $28.99

Add a touch of vampiric charm to your Halloween decor with the Dracula Inflatable. This bloodshot-fanged fiend pops out of a coffin, ready to haunt your yard. Illuminated by vibrant LED lights, he shines brightly in the night, creating a mesmerizing effect that’s sure to captivate onlookers. As you set up this bewitching display, you’ll be thrilled by its unique charm and the fun it brings to your Halloween setup. Get ready to make your yard the talk of the town with this charismatic and unforgettable addition.

terrifying halloween jack-o-latern man inflatable decoration

Halloween Inflatable 6.4FT Scary Inflatable Pumpkin Ghost Halloween Pumpkin Decorations with Wizard

Wayfair | $59.99

Unearth some spooky fun with the 6.4FT Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin Ghost! This ghoulish delight pops out of the ground with long arms outstretched, ready to grab your attention and a few scares. Its eerie glow creates a festive and spine-tingling atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to your courtyard or even peeking out from your garden. Get ready to elevate your Halloween decor with a dash of whimsy and a pinch of eerie delight!

dead tree airblown decoration adorned with owl, ghost, pumpkin and a sign that says halloween town

Halloween Inflatable Dead Tree with Ghost Pumpkin and Owl

Wayfair | $63.44

Transform your space into a spooky wonderland with the Halloween Inflatable Dead Tree! Standing at 8ft tall, this eerie masterpiece features a ghost pumpkin and owl, all glowing ominously in the dark. Craft a festive and hair-raising ambiance in your courtyard, delighting your family and neighborhood. Made from high-strength waterproof polyester, it’s built to resist rips and tears, while meticulous stitching ensures durability. A powerful blower keeps it inflated, and with stakes, ropes, and a storage bag included, it’s easily secured. Welcome the holiday spirit with this eye-catching and festive Halloween decoration that promises to catch every eye and haunt every memory.

a frontyard decoration spelling the word "Spooky" with a black cat, blue one-eyed monster, pumpkin, snake, and mummy

Haunted Hill Farm 106.3-ft Lighted Ghost Inflatable Porch Sign

Lowe’s | $79.99

Illuminate your Halloween spirit with the Inflatable “Spooky” Sign, a captivating decoration that spells out the word “Spooky” in vibrant colors and unique designs for each letter. From the cheerful pumpkin to the green mummy with white bandages, the black cat, and the slithering snake, this display is a playful combination of Halloween icons. Light up your space with this lively ensemble that captures the essence of the season in a fun and visually appealing way!

Jack skellington from Nightmare before christmas leaning on a tombstone inflatable in front of a house decorated for halloween

6 ft. LED Jack Skellington with Tombstone Airblown Disney Halloween Inflatable

Home Depot | $99.00

Guide trick-or-treaters to Halloween treats with the Jack Skellington with Tombstone Airblown Inflatable. This self-inflating design stands ready to give your guests a ghoulish thrill upon arrival, while the included stakes ensure secure outdoor installation. Standing at 6 feet tall and adorned with energy-saving LEDs, it exudes an imposing effect, adding drama to your Halloween decor. After a night of scares, this Jack Skellington inflatable deflates for easy storage, ready to haunt again next season. Illuminate your Halloween with this Disney-licensed character from The Nightmare Before Christmas and create an unforgettable experience for all who dare to enter.

super big halloween inflatable of a grim reaper

8 ft. Halloween Inflatable Infinity Mirror Reaper

Home Depot | $99.00

Step into the realm of the extraordinary with the 8 ft. Inflatable Infinity Mirror Reaper by Occasions. This Reaper boasts a distinct and mesmerizing face that’s already captivating, but gazing into it takes the experience to a whole new level. Illuminated by 91 LED lights, he’s a spectacle that shines brilliantly day and night. Prepare to be entranced by his eternal, haunting visage. With swift inflation, setting your yard apart this Halloween has never been easier or more enchanting.

inflated red and black spider halloween deocration with yellow eyes and a body that has multi-colored lights

Disco Spider Inflatable

Wayfair | $79.99

Get ready to spin a web of fright in your neighborhood with the 5.9 ft. Inflatable Black and Red Spider! Outfitted with pre-lit internal disco lights, this menacing arachnid is sure to be the star of your haunted house setup. Its large presence demands attention while fitting comfortably in smaller yards or walkways, offering just the right dose of spine-tingling chills for trick-or-treaters. Setup is a treat with included ropes and stakes, and thanks to its internal lights and fan, it’s as easy as unpack, plug in, stake down, and get ready for some spooky fun all autumn long. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant polyester, this inflatable promises to last year after year, delivering scares that stand the test of time. This Halloween, you’ll be the spookiest house on the block!

frankenstein and his family as giant halloween inflatable deocrations

7 ft. Lighted Monster Family Halloween Inflatables

Lowe’s | $100.00

Introducing the 7 ft. tall Inflatable Monster Family, where Frankenstein shows his domestic side. Standing alongside his Bride and baby Frankenstein, this family photo-worthy display adds a playful twist to the iconic Monster. Illuminated both day and night, their greenish presence radiates charm in your yard. With a quick setup, ensure your house stands out this season as this monstrous family creates a heartwarming and spooky focal point that captures the essence of Halloween.

a scarecrow sitting on a hay bale in front of a cornfield halloween blow-up

4ft Scarecrow Halloween Inflatable

Spirit Halloween | $49.99

Take your haunted house up a notch with the Terrifying Scarecrow Inflatable! This bone-chilling decoration showcases a malevolent scarecrow seated atop a hay bale, poised to send shivers through your guests’ spines. Witness it spring to life in mere moments with its rapid inflation. Equipped with three stakes, three tethers, a battery-operated fan, and an internal light feature, this eerie addition promises an unparalleled scare factor. Imagine the scarecrow guarding your haunted pumpkin patch or an addition to your creepy cornfield theme!

There you have it – a spine-tingling showcase of 12 Halloween inflatables under $100 that are bound to send shivers down your spine! Whether you’re aiming for an entrance that’s dripping with spooky charm, a haunted house setup that stands out, or a playful touch of the macabre, these inflatables have you covered. With their affordable prices and captivating designs, you can transform your space into a Halloween wonderland that will enchant trick-or-treaters and thrill your neighbors. And if you’re looking to go even bigger with giant inflatables, don’t forget to check out our article dedicated to those colossal Halloween delights. Don’t miss out on the chance to create a memorable and bewitching atmosphere this Halloween season. Grab your favorite inflatables, stake them down, and let the eerie magic unfold! Happy haunting, everyone!

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a Halloween enthusiast and a true master of all things spooky. She spent two years honing her expertise as a sales retail associate at Spirit Halloween. Beyond her professional experience, Crystal's true passion lies in creating arts and crafts, particularly on her trusty Cricut machine. She finds joy in creating intricate Halloween decorations and costumes, showcasing her creativity and love for the holiday.

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