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DIY: Haunted House Cardboard Box Costume with Free Downloadable Templates

Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, calls for creativity and imagination in crafting the perfect costume. If you’re looking for a unique and budget-friendly option, a haunted house cardboard box costume with silhouettes of monsters, witches, and vampires might be just what you need. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a captivating and eerie costume using a cardboard box and your handy dandy Cricut (or Silhouette) cutting machine.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll find free downloadable SVGs for your Cricut.

Materials Needed

To get started, gather the following materials:

  1. Cardboard box: Choose a box that is large enough to fit over your torso. It should be comfortable to wear and allow you to move freely.
  2. Cutting machine: Either a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine. These versatile tools will help you cut out intricate and precise designs. Make sure you have a compatible model.
  3. Card stock: Selection of black and other Halloween-colored cardstock to create the silhouettes of the monsters. The card stock should be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear.
  4. Craft supplies: You’ll need a ruler, a pencil, a craft knife, adhesive, a cutting mat, and gray acrylic paint.


  1. Design your monster silhouettes: Use the design software such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop that accompanies your Cricut cutting machine to create or select the desired Halloween monster silhouettes. Ensure they are appropriately sized to fit the sides of your cardboard box. You can download the free templates here
  2. Transfer designs your cutting machine: Once your designs are ready, transfer them to the Cricut or Silhouette machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for loading the card stock and setting up the cutting parameters. Make sure to choose dynamic colors for the window backing that match your theme.
  3. Cut out the silhouettes: Let the Cricut work its magic and cut out the silhouettes from the black card stock. Take care when removing the cutouts from the cutting mat to avoid tearing.
  4. Prepare the cardboard box: Clear any existing labels or branding from the cardboard box. Cut out armholes and a head opening in the cardboard box to ensure comfort and mobility. Adjust the size and shape of the openings according to your body measurements. 
  5. Paint the cardboard box: Use a dark paint color (I used two coats of an acrylic gray) and a wide paintbrush. Measure and mark the areas where you will place the silhouettes. Position them strategically to create an eerie scene, and trace the outlines lightly with a pencil.
    1. Optional: You can create a “wood graining stamp tool” using a section of pool noodle and with an Exacto knife, cutting out a half moon pattern. This video shows conceptually how to create it. Rock the graining tool back-and-forth during your section coat of paint to create a wood effect.
  6. Attach the silhouettes: Apply adhesive (I used craft glue stick) to the back of each silhouette and carefully press them onto the marked areas of the cardboard box. Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles, ensuring they are securely adhered to the cardboard box.
  7. Add additional details: To enhance the spooky effect, consider adding cobwebs, plastic spiders, or other Halloween-themed elements. You can download a Halloween font (e.g. Ravenscroft). Let your imagination run wild!
  8. Finishing touches: Before wearing the costume, double-check that all the silhouettes are firmly attached and make any necessary adjustments. Put on the costume and surprise everyone with your haunting presence!

Creating a Halloween haunted box costume with silhouettes of monsters is a fantastic way to stand out at any Halloween event. With a cardboard box, some card stock, and the help of a Cricut cutting machine, you can easily craft a cheap, captivating and spooky ensemble. Let your creativity shine by adding your own personal touches and watch as your costume comes to life, giving everyone a frightful delight. Happy haunting!

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Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a Halloween enthusiast and a true master of all things spooky. She spent two years honing her expertise as a sales retail associate at Spirit Halloween. Beyond her professional experience, Crystal's true passion lies in creating arts and crafts, particularly on her trusty Cricut machine. She finds joy in creating intricate Halloween decorations and costumes, showcasing her creativity and love for the holiday.

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