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Carnival of Fear: 8 Animatronic Clown Props to Haunt Your Nightmares [2023]

Get ready to experience the spine-chilling world of scary animatronic clowns that will leave you both terrified and thrilled this Halloween! From the piercing gaze of Toothy the Clown to the wicked smile of Wacky Mole, these haunting decorations will transform your home into a bone-chilling carnival of horror. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly option like Funhouse Freddy or a towering masterpiece like Cagey the Clown, these jesters will send shivers down your spine.

scary red and white animatronic clown sitting on a swing

Toothy the Clown Animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $249

Toothy is no ordinary jester—with his piercing yellow eyes, he’s got a gaze that will send shivers down your spine. But the pièce de résistance is his wide, toothy grin that will make your hair stand on end. This clown prop is here to rock your world and send shivers down your spine! His bone-chilling voice and swinging motion, Toothy the Clown will have your guests jumping with fright and laughing nervously in equal measure. Hang him up with the included hooks and attach it to a step-pad to activate his haunts. 

Catchphrase highlight: “There’s a lot you can do with a clown. You can rent me out for birthday parties. I’ll always bring a smile when you’re sad. I’ll even cry at your funeral. Ha! No I won’t!”

big mouth clown prop holding a mallet to whack his victims

Wacky Mole Animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $219

Step right up for the twisted fun of the carnival with the 5.8 Ft Wacky Mole Animatronic! This mischievous clown has returned from the Big Top Rest Home for Nervous Clowns, and he’s eager to turn your home into the ultimate creepy funhouse. Brace yourself for an unforgettable Halloween experience as Wacky Mole takes center stage with his rotating torso, yellow LED eyes that light up, and a wicked smile that will send shivers down your spine. The best thing about this clown is that his design really comes alive under the black light. Picture the scene: the lights dim, the blacklight flickers on, and Wacky Mole’s menacing features start to pop and glow in the darkness.

Catchphrase highlight: “Bad Halloween costumes make me crazy! Haha they make me wanna pummel things with my hammer, yes! I think, I think I’m going crazy again blah hahahahaha!”

midway killer clown animatronic with electrifying green hair and neon orange shirt.

Funhouse Freddy the Killer Clown

Walmart | $69

This affordable clown animatronic is designed to give your decorations a terrifying twist without breaking the bank. A built-in motion sensor will activate Freddy’s LED eyes to start blinking and move his head side-to-side, and arms into a swinging motion. Easy to assemble and battery-operated, this versatile decoration can be placed anywhere in your haunted home, from funhouses to hallways or even your patio. Don’t miss out on this affordable bone-chilling clown prop and transform your home into a haunted carnival of horror on a budget!

Catchphrase highlight: “Oh did I scare you? Good! You taste much better when you’re scared.”

giant carnival style clown animatronic with oversized legs carrying a kidnapped little girl in a cage

Cagey the Clown Halloween Decoration

Halloween Express | $374

Are you next? Cagey the Clown is coming to town for you and your children! This towering 7 ft. animated masterpiece features a terrifying scene where Cagey clutches a terrified girl trapped in a cage. Activate him with the infra-red sensor or step pad and he’ll start cackling while the little girl screams for her life. His glowing eyes, swiveling head, and haunting phrases will leave you petrified. With a range of up to 6 1/2 feet, Cagey ensures no one escapes his malevolence. Don’t miss out on the spine-chilling terror Cagey the Clown brings to your Halloween!

Catchphrase highlight: “Hahaha. Yup, caught me another one! These things are hard to catch, but I don’t worry though, every town has lots to choose from.”

jack in the box nightmare clown animatronic dressed like a court jester

Horrifying Jack in the Box Decoration

HalloweenCostumes.com | $174

In every neighborhood, children enjoyed trick-or-treating, until they encountered the chilling presence of Jack. This massive Jack-in-the-Box decoration captures the essence of fear and delight. With each turn of the crank, eerie tunes emanate from the colorful box, building anticipation. However, instead of laughter, Jack’s distorted red clown smile and gleaming eyes induce screams. This exclusive animatronic merges nursery games with haunting themes, featuring a Jack-in-the-box clown with vibrant colors, glowing eyes, and hair. Plug it in to witness Jack’s bone-chilling movements and hear spine-tingling sounds, delivering the ultimate Halloween fright.

Catchphrase highlight: “Welcome to the funhouse! Now let’s turn that frown upside down.” 

pink hair, wide toothed grin light show clown animatronic

Mr. Punchy Animatronic

Spirit Halloween | $279

Mr. Punchy, the dreadful clown with a troubled past, is ready to make a menacing statement in your home. Standing at an imposing 6 ft. tall, this balloon-bodied buffoon decoration features a gyrating upper body and delivers chilling voice lines to taunt you to come closer. Once activated, you’ll get a spectacular lightshow in his rotund body. Get too close, and this clown will sock you straight to Hell.

Catchphrase highlight: “I’m a clown…. just spinning around. You’re a fool…who’s going down….to HELL! Ah ha ha ha!”

terrifying clown holding an orange balloon that says "Happy Halloween"

Pyro the Touch Activated Animatronic Clown

Home Depot | $79

Escaped from the circus, Pyro is ready to play this Halloween. With flashing red eyes, pale wrinkled face, and a wicked grin exposing fearsome fangs, Pyro is both captivating and chilling. This life-size animatronic clown is poseable and can stand or hang anywhere. Activated by touch, Pyro wiggles in a circular motion as he cackles with bone-chilling phrases. Battery-operated for convenience, Pyro is the perfect addition to your haunted house, ready to delight and frighten all who encounter him.

Catchphrase highlight: “Good, run away. I’ll catch up with you later in your nightmares!”

Scary clown prop with bloodied candy cane arms

Cain – Horror Clown Halloween Animatronic

HalloweenCostumes.com | $249

Candy Cain is the perfectly wrong mixture of Halloween and Christmas. This deranged clown animatronic swings his inflatable candy-cane arms back and forth as he dares you to choose between his good and bad side. With its candy-themed clown appearance, blood-stained candy cane arms, and haunting phrases, Candy Cain delivers a unique and captivating experience. Get ready to create a display that blends the horror of Halloween with the magic of Christmas, leaving your audience both thrilled and intrigued.

Catchphase highlight: “Pick a cane, any cane, one side killer, one side tame, along you’ll go, if you choose right, but failure leads to screams all night.”

With their menacing grins, glowing eyes, and bone-chilling catchphrases, these animatronic clowns are ready to take your Halloween decorations to the next level. These scary props will leave your guests jumping with fright and nervous laughter. Don’t miss out on the hair-raising experience that these Halloween animatronics bring, as they transform your home into a haunted circus of horror.

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a Halloween enthusiast and a true master of all things spooky. She spent two years honing her expertise as a sales retail associate at Spirit Halloween. Beyond her professional experience, Crystal's true passion lies in creating arts and crafts, particularly on her trusty Cricut machine. She finds joy in creating intricate Halloween decorations and costumes, showcasing her creativity and love for the holiday.

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